Income Taxes


We prepare federal and state returns for

  • Individuals along with Schedules A, B, C, D, E, and F 

  • Partnerships with Schedule K-1s and partner basis worksheets

  • LLCs

  • S corporations with Schedule K-1(s) and shareholder basis worksheet(s)

  • C corporations

  • Not-for-profits


Estates & Trusts


We work closely with local law firms in preparing estate and trust returns. We have created a checklist to make it easy for the personal representative to gather all the information necessary for the estate return.

  • First and Final estate returns

  • Irrevocable Trusts



In order to provide solid financial statements to be used as tools for making educated business decisions and presenting to the bank we go through the following processes:

  • Record income and expenses 

  • Reconcile bank account(s)

  • Balance payable accounts 

  • Make general ledger entries to balance to the income tax return

  • Submit and schedule payment for sales tax 

In addition to the above we can also

  • Invoice customers and make deposits

  • Manage and pay the bills

The client decides the services needed and the frequency.

Financial Consulting


Do you want to make sure everything is right and that you haven't missed anything? We will provide the assurance you need to say yes! 

  • Review QuickBooks file

  • Tax planning

Payroll & Taxes


We calculate the payroll and offer different options for paying the employees.

  • Direct Deposit with check stubs

  • Check stubs for manual checks  

  • Computer-printed checks

All payroll taxes and forms are submitted and scheduled for payment with confirmations given to the client for record keeping.

  • Federal, Social Security, and Medicare taxes (941)

  • State and County withholding

  • Federal Unemployment (940)

  • State Unemployment

W-2s and transmittals are completed and given to the employer to disperse, or we will mail them by request.