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Payroll & Payroll Taxes
Our payroll service include us doing the following:
- Input payroll hours and process payroll checks via the following options:
- Direct Deposit (Quickbooks charges $1.75) 
- Print Checks for you to pick up
- Email a pdf of checks for you to print at your office
- Provide payroll summaries/check registers with each payroll
- Deduct/Pay Garnishment(s) such as child support/uniform/tool deductions
- Pay 941 payments
- File & Pay State/County (WH-1) monthly
- Pay Federal Unemployment (940) quarterly
- File & Pay State Unemployment (SUTA) payment quarterly
- File 941 forms quarterly
- File 940 form annually
- e-File new hire reporting
- Complete Workers Compensation Audits
- e-File business entity report

Additional Add-On Services
- e-File & print W-2s
- Submit 401k payments to vendor
- Provide payroll journal entry to get payroll onto your books 
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