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Important Partnership & S Corporation Business Tax Filing Information 

  • March 15th - IRS deadline for business tax e-filing

  • March 15th - IRS deadline for filing an extension.  An extension form must be e-filed and requires no signature. An extension for filing the business return extends the business filing deadline to September 15th.

  • An LLC that has at least two or more owners is considered a partnership or a corporation.

  • If you are an owner of a partnership or corporation, then the business return must be filed before your individual return can be completed.

  • There is typically no money due with a partnership or corporate return unless there are out-of-state partners or shareholders.

Our Office Deadlines & Protocols for Partnerships & S Corporations


  • February 15th – Must have business tax information turned in to our office to allow for timely filing by March 15th. Anything turned in after February 15th will not be guaranteed timely filing.

  • Once you have received and gathered all pertinent tax documents and information, including your completed checklist, drop everything off at the office Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (tax season hours January 2 – April 15) or use the drop slot to the right of our front door during or after hours.

  • Please make a note if a phone call is needed before we start your return. We will also call if we have any questions.

  • No appointment is needed to drop off information.

  • If you use QuickBooks software, you can backup to a flash drive, provide us with the username and password, and we can print off the necessary reports.

  • A business return that files for an extension means an automatic extension will be filed for the individual returns of the owners as well.

  • Business and individual returns that are on extension will not be worked on until after the normal tax filing deadline (April 15th).

  • Businesses that need an extension must notify our office, preferably via email.

  • Our office will not file an extension without notification from the client.

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